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Sep 23 2023
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Adjustable Tungsten Weights for Your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Adjustable Tungsten Pinewood Derby Car Weights

Pinewood Derby Tungsten Weight

Adjustable Tungsten Weights

Includes four weights. Each weighs 1/2 oz. Total weight is 2 oz.
Requires 3/8 drill bit.

Your car should balance between 1" and 1 1/2" in front of the rear axle (with the wheels on the car) These weights can be easily adjusted to fine tune your pinewood derby car's balance point.  If your car jumps off of the track during a race, you can adjust the weights forward to make your car more stable.


These tungsten weights can be used individually or can be linked together so that several can be inserted in the same hole.

They can be linked by aligning the key of the one weight with the groove of the next.

Pinewood Derby Car with holes for weights

1. Drill 2 holes in the back of your car with a 3/8" drill bit (do not use the spade bit that we sell for other weights - spade bits create a hole that is a little too large. Drill the holes high enough so they are above the axle groove and about 1 1/2" deep.

Pinewood derby car on scale should weigh 5 oz.

2. Weigh all the parts for your pinewood car. Add extra weights until the total is 5.0 oz.(or the maximum allowed for your race).  In this example, we are using tungsten plates for the extra weights that will be mounted on the bottom of the car.

3. Insert the weights into the holes by turning them clockwise with the supplied allen wrench until they are flush with the back of the car. If you are using more than one weight in a hole, start the second weight when the first is flush with the back of the car. When all the weights are inserted, screw them in so that they are 1/4" in from the rear of the car.

4. Temporary tape any extra weights to the car and insert the wheels and axles about a 1/8" inch into the car - just enough so that they will stay on the car.

5. Balance the car on a pencil. If you are using additional weights, move the weights until the car balances 1" in front of the rear axle. If you are not using additional weights, screw the weights in or out of the car until the car balances 1" in front of the rear axle. If you can't get the car to balance, you may need to rearrange the weights by drilling another hole in the car or drilling the existing holes deeper.

6. When you are done, the weights should be about 1/4" in from the rear of the car. This will give you room to adjust the weights at the race if needed.

3/8" drill bit for use with Adjustable Weights

Drill Bits

Adjustable Tungsten Weights

Set of 4 adjustable weights