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Jun 19 2024
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Pinewood Derby Car speed tips and products to help you win the race. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Pinewood Derby Tips

Check each page of our site for more tips to help you build a fast pinewood derby car.



Tip #4

Most Pinewood Derby cars will fishtail to some degree as they roll down the track. Fishtailing slows the car down by increasing friction when the wheels touch the center guide rail. You can reduce fishtailing by sanding the front of the car so that the wheels on the front are slightly closer together. Then as the car goes down the track, only the front wheels will touch the center guide rail.

Tip #9

Some cars roll faster backwards than they do forwards. If you can, test your car before the race to see which way is faster.

Tip #18

If you know that you are going to be up against some very fast pinewood cars, focus on one of the workmanship or design prizes. Building a good looking car with a creative design can be more fun than making a fast car.

Tip #32

Some Pinewood Derby wheels are faster than others. Buy several sets of wheels and spin each wheel on a polished axle. Use the wheels that spin the longest. Don't use any wheels that wobble.

Welcome to ABC Pinewood DerbyWelcome to ABC Pinewood Derby

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77 tips to help you build a fast pinewood derby car. Free with every order.

 This Web Site has over 400 products to help you to:

Design and Build Your Pinewood Derby Car

Everything You Need To Help you build your car

"How To" Books
Pinewood Derby Book
Easy to follow instructions covering building tips and all the latest speed tricks and secrets.
Easy to Build Car designs
Pinewood Derby Car Designs
Our car designs use only straight cuts so they are easy to make! Includes easy instructions with templates.
Pinewood Derby Blocks
Your car will go straighter and faster. Available with axle holes or slots.
Car Parts
Pinewood Derby Car Parts
Create a variety
of car shapes with our plastic parts.
Pre-Cut Cars
Pre-Cut Cars
Get a head start in building your Pinewood Derby car. We
do the hard part for you.
Painted Cars       Completed Cars
Completed Pinewood Derby Cars
Short on time? Just add wheels to our painted cars. Our completed cars are ready to race.
LEGO Pinewood Derby Cars
Lego cars on pinewood derby track
Lego pinewood derby cars

Make your next Pinewood Derby Car with LEGOs using an official pinewood derby block or host your own Lego Car Race with our LEGO car frames. Great activity for birthday parties, summer camps and other events. Works with any standard pinewood derby track or use our track sections to build your own track. 

Examples of LEGO cars that can be made with our kits or with your own parts.

Make Your Pinewood Car Look Great

Decals, Accessories and Paint - Your car will stand out from the crowd.

Water based paints with great results and easy cleanup.
Body Skins
Completely covers your Pinewood Derby car. Paint is not needed. Includes black skin for windows.
Car Lights
Car Lights
Grab everyone's attention with these bright lights. A headlight/taillight kit and an underglow kit are availagle
Car Decals
These exciting decals will make your car stand out from the crowd.
Wheel Decals
Give your car a unique look with our wheel decals. Easy to apply - just stick on the outside of the wheel
Car Accessories
Car Accessories
Roll bars, spoilers, hood scoops, engines police light bars, eyes and much more.

Make Your Pinewood Derby Car Fast

Speed Supplies - Products that can make your car dramatically faster!

Speed Wheels
Each of our wheels has our speed rating. Pick the fastest wheel that is allowed in your pinewood derby race.
"How To" Books
All the latest building tips and speed secrets.
Winning Secrets Video
Watch this and give your pinewood derby car a BIG speed boost.
Speed Axles
Pinewood derby axles
We have a variety of speed axles. Try our new graphite coated axles!
The best dry and liquid lubricants available.
Graphite Pads
Graphite Pads
Reduces friction between the wheels and the car body.
Axle Polishing Kit
Pinewood Derby Car Sandpaper Kit
Our axle polishing kit will ensure that your axles are in perfect condition.
Variety of weights to bring your pinewood derby car up to the 5 oz. limit.
Axle Polish
Axle Polish
Our two-step secret formula is easy to use and gives excellent results.
Speed Tools
Speed Tools
Take advantage of these tools to fine tune your car and give it the winning edge!


Products for Before and After the Pinewood Derby Race!

Display Stand

Pinewood Derby Car Display Stand
A great place for your car after the race.
Paint Handle
The easy way to paint your pinewood derby car. Includes a stand to hold your car while the paint is drying.
Mobile Garage Kit
Carrying Case
Safely carry your pinewood derby car to the race in style.
Derby Dome
Protect your pinewood derby car in a clear plastic dome.
Practice Track
Everything you need to bring your car up to the 5 oz maximum weight. Includes car scale, weights, stickers and speed book.
Race Management
Car inspection, race staging and more.
Digital Scale
Accurately weigh your car.


Pinewood Derby Movie and Game

Down and Derby
Down and Derby Movie
A hilarious movie about a Pinewood Derby competition that the dad's take too seriously.
Pinewood Racer Board Game
Pinewood Racer Board Game
This board game requires skill to make it to the
finish line first. Fun for the whole family.

Basic Tips To Get You Started

Detailed instructions on how to use many of our products.

Browse through our "How To" area to find useful tips
After you build your car, you may find that one of the front wheels is raised slightly. A raised wheel will actually make your car go faster but some rules don't allow raised wheels. Here's How to fix a raised wheel on a pinewood derby car. If your rules allow raised wheels, here is how to raise a front wheel to make your car faster.

Lubrication is often neglected. Our pinewood derby car graphite is a special formula using the highest quality graphite available.
For beginners, here is how to Use a Coping Saw and how to Use a Rasp. And here are some tips on how to paint your pinewood car.

Our instructions on how to build a fast Pinewood Derby Car will give you some ideas on how to make your car faster.

As a finishing touch, read How to Paint Chrome Spokes on pinewood derby wheels. It's easy to do and makes your car stand out from the crowd.

Advanced racers can read our pinewood derby rail riding speed tip. This new technique can give your car that winning edge.

We have a variety of pinewood derby wheels and pinewood derby axles that have been cleaned up and polished for maximum speed.

Your car should weigh right at the 5 oz limit for the fastest speed. Our weights for pinewood derby cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This was his second Pinewood Derby year, and last year his car barley made it to the finish line. We asked him this year if he wanted to build a cool looking car or a fast car, and he said he wanted a fast one and he wanted to win. We really didn't know where to start, but got everything we needed from your site!  We went from beginner to winner because of ABC! we can't wait until next year!

Jennifer D


Wheel vibration will slow your pinewood derby car down. Make sure that the tread of your wheel (the part that touches the track) and the rim (the inner edge of the wheel) are smooth and that your wheel is as round as possible.

Watch the video of our rocket powered Pinewood Derby Car.

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Hey guys I would like to say your product is great. We used your block and axles and won the pack131 nationals for 2005 and we used your oil. Your product's are great and we will be back. Thanks guys you made my son's day. pack 131 champion
We bought your products and he got 1st place and set a track record.   again, thank you
chris and matthew
I just had to say thank you for the quick turnaround on my order. I ordered late Friday and imagine my surprise when I came in the office this morning after being out yesterday to discover the car was already delivered.  Fantastic job!  Thank you.... Kathy C
We had our 2nd cub scouts pinewood derby Yesterday. Last year we came in 3rd with me being CLUELESS. This year I stumbled upon your site and with your help, made a faster car that finished second, losing by 3 one-hundreths of a second. I already have my changes picked out for next year and look forward to perusing your site once again. Thanks a ton!...Chris