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Jul 6 2015
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Don't miss out on products that will help you to build your car and make it win.
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Design and Build Your Pinewood Car

 Everything You Need To help you build your pinewood derby car
Car Designs
Pinewood Derby Blocks
Pinewood Derby Car Parts
Easy step-by-step instructions covering building tips and all the latest speed tricks and secrets.
All of our car designs use only straight cuts so they are easy to make! Includes easy instructions with templates.
Our blocks use axle holes instead of slots. Your car will go straighter and faster.
Create a variety of car shapes with our plastic parts.
Pre-Cut Cars Car Kits
Completed Cars
Get a head start in building your Pinewood Derby car. We do the hard part for you.
Everything you need to build these awesome cars including paint.
Short on time? Just add wheels to our painted cars.  Our completed cars are ready to race.

Make Your Pinewood Car Look Great

 Decals, Accessories and Paint - Your car will stand out from the crowd .
Water based paints that give great results and easy clean-up.
Completely covers your Pinewood Derby car. Paint is not needed. Includes black skin for windows
Make your car look fast even when it is standing still! Easy to apply.
Make your car stand out from the crowd with these exciting decals.
Give your car a unique look with our wheel decals. Easy to apply - just stick on the outside of the wheel
Roll bars, spoilers, hood scoops, engines and much more.

Make Your Pinewood Car Fast

 Speed Supplies - Products that can make your car dramatically faster!
Speed Secrets Book
Winning Secrets Video
Speed Wheels
Pinewood derby axles
"How To" Books
All the latest building tips and speed secrets.
Watch this and give your car a BIG speed boost.
Each of our wheels has our speed rating. Pick the fastest wheel that is allowed in your race.
We have a variety of speed axles. Try our new graphite coated axles!
We have the best dry and liquid lubricants.
Graphite Pads
Pinewood Derby Car Sandpaper Kit
Axle Polish

Speed Tools
Dramatically reduces friction between the wheels and the car body.
Prepare your axles the right way with our Axle Polishing kit.
Our two-step secret formula is easy to use and gives excellent results.
Use our weights to bring your car up to the 5 oz. limit.
Use these tools to fine tune your car and give it the winning advantage!


Products for Before and After the Race!
Pinewood Derby Car Display Stand
Practice Track for the Pinewood Derby
Carrying Case
Down and Derby
A great place for your car after the race.
Use our track to test your car before the race or hold your own races.
Safely carry your car to
the race in style.
Enjoy this hilarious movie about the Pinewood Derby.
Car Inspection Gauge
Inspection Gauge
Car inspection, race staging and more.
Everything you need to bring your car up to the 5 oz maximum weight. Includes car scale, weights, stickers and speed book.

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Axle Installer
Installs your axles the right way every time.
More Info
Bring your car up to the 5oz weight limit.
More Info
We have both dry graphite and synthetic oils
More Info
Stock and modified wheels in a variety of styles and colors.
More Info
Deburred and polished - ready to race.
More Info
Axle Polish
Everything you need to prepare your axles for the race.
More Info
Pre-cut Blocks
Car blocks cut to official specifications.
More Info
Car Templates
Step-by-step instructions for building a car.
More Info
Tools to make cutting your car easier.
More Info
Paint selected to give the best results. Water based for easy clean up.
More Info
Car Decals
Make your car look gret with our easy to use Decals.
More Info
Wheel Decals
Easy to apply. Legal in all races.
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