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Jan 24 2017
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Drill axle holes in your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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How to drill axle holes in your Pinewood Derby car

Pro Body Jig

Pro Body Jig for Pinewood Derby Cars

The Pro Body Jig is an adjustable tool designed to accurately create new axle holes and a lower center of gravity by using a hand drill on BSA and Pine-Car Kits.  The required #44 drill bit is included. This tool is not recommended for use with slots.


Aligning the axles on your Pinewood Derby Car

1. Test fit the tool on the bottom of the block with the four "ears" positioned on the sides of the block. If the tool will not fit into the block, use coarse grit sandpaper to reduce the width of the block until the tool fits snuggly.  If the tool is loose, the fit can be tightened by placing a piece of paper, folded as needed, between the left or right ears of the jig and the block.

2. Measure and mark the desired position of the new axle holes on one side of the block.  Extend the mark from the bottom of the block to the top of the block using a square (or measure and mark near the bottom of the block and near the top of the block, and then join the line with a pencil and ruler). Holes for extended wheelbases are typically positioned 5/8" from the end of the block.

3. Adjust the Pro Body Jig so that the marks on the drill guides line up with the marks on the block.  A 3/32 inch hex key is used for making adjustments. Clamp the jig in place with two clamps, one on each of the drilling guides.

4. Hold the block firmly, position the drill bit in the hole, and slowly drill 3/4" into the block.. Drill the remaining holes without releasing the clamps. If a raised whole is desired, drill only one of the front boles (either side) and proceed to step 5.

5.Transfer the line on the side of the block to the bottom of the block.

6. Position the tool on the side of the block that you want to drill the raised hole and align the index mark on one of the drilling guides with the line on the bottom of the block.  Make sure that the third hole on the guide is positioned near the bottom of the block.  Clamp the tool in place.

7. Drill the raised hole.

Pro Body Jig Video

Watch this video for more information on how to use the Pro Body Jig to drill axle holes on your pinewood derby car.

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