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Dec 19 2014
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An easy way to mount wheels and axles on a Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC!

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Pinewood Derby Car Axle Guards

Pinewood Derby Axle Guard

Pinewood Derby Axle Guard

This under car plastic plate will keep your Pinewood Derby car wheels aligned and secure race after race. It features a ridge that slides right into the pre-cut axle groove - converting the groove into a hole for easy insertion and alignment. It also helps to secure the axle to the car body minimizing the need for glue.

This unique design allows for adequate track clearance and has no interference with the performance of your car. It is simple to install and includes 4 screws per plate, making it easy to attach to the car. The guard can also be used to repair broken or chipped axle grooves. Each plate is made of lightweight plastic. When applied with the 8 screws provided, 2 plates will add .2 oz to the weight of your car.

How to Use

Slide the guard into the axle slot and
center it on the car.

Attach the guard to the car with the included screws.

Mounted guards on a Pinewood Derby car block

To Mount your Wheels on the Car Block
(Wheels should be mounted after the car has been painted)

1. Slide the axle into the wheel hub. Tip the axle down then add graphite between the axle and wheel. Tap and gently spin the wheel to work the graphite into the wheel. Continue until no more graphite can be added.

2. Insert the axle part way into the uppermost part of the axle slot.

3. Place the end of the axle against a hard surface then push the axle into the car by pushing against the axle with the car block. The axle guard will prevent the axle from going in too far.

4. The axle will need to be glued if it slips easily into the car body. Remove the axle and place a small drop of wood or paper glue on the opening of the axle slot. Wipe any excess glue from the surface of the car.  Insert the axle. Keep the wheel away from the car body until the glue dries.

Not for use on Awana, Royal Ranger and other cars that have straight through axles.

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